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NetIX offers two highly flexible IXaaS solutions to suit different requirements depending on end goals; for existing IXPs we can help enhance and improve your exchange through our technical and commercial expertise, and for those wanting to start an exchange from scratch we’re able to help every step of the way.

Using our list of more than 60 individual IX elements, you can cherry-pick and design exactly how you want us to help you grow your Internet Exchange. From purchasing hardware to network configuration and monitoring tools, NetIX is there for you.

How will you benefit?

  • Become a trailblazer in peering in your own region
  • Benefit from advertising the NetIX name and attract your own members with our brand
  • Offer all NetIX solutions to your IX customers as an add-on service
  • Options to have a white label solution, or NetIX-branded solution
  • Experts in local, regional and national exchange platforms
  • Be a part of the NetIX ecosystem
  • It’s a super scalable solution - we can upgrade your commitment in 24 hours!


IXaaS Technical Specifications will vary depending on what selections you make from our extensive 60+ point list!

Create your own Internet Exchange today - click here to start the IXaaS process!

If you're interested in improving, or starting your own Internet Exchange with NetIX. Fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch soon!

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